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So Gengar is supposedly Clefable’s shadow, right?



Just a thought

Spritzee and Aromatisse already represent death in a way anyway. Their faces resemble medieval masks that people who dealt with those afflicted with a plague disease wore. Right? Something like that.

Yeah, Spritzee and Aromatisse are pretty clearly based on the Medieval plague doctors:


Back in those days, people believed that disease could be caused by bad smells, so the “beaks” on those masks were stuffed with aromatic herbs to protect the wearer while they were treating plague victims, sort of like an early attempt at a gas mask. That’s probably why Spritzee’s gimmick is based around sweet smells.

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Bowmouth guitarfish (Rhina ancylostoma)

The bowmouth guitarfish is a species of ray. This rare species occurs widely in the tropical coastal waters of the western Indo-Pacific.

This large species can reach a length of 2.7 m (8.9 ft). The jaws are heavily ridged with crushing teeth arranged in wave-like rows. Usually found near the sea floor, the bowmouth guitarfish prefers sandy or muddy areas near underwater structures.

It is a strong-swimming predator of bony fishes, crustaceans, and molluscs. This species gives live birth to litters of two to eleven pups, which are nourished during gestation by yolk. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has assessed the bowmouth guitarfish as Vulnerable because it is widely caught by artisanal and commercial fisheries for its valuable fins and meat.

The bowmouth guitarfish, often described as prehistoric in appearance, is considered by some scientists to be the ‘missing link’ between sharks and rays based on the ray-like placement of the mouth and gill openings, and disc shape of the front part of the body and the shark-like streamlined appearance of the rest of the body and the powerful tail.

photo credits:Brian Gratwicke, Jason Isley, planetearth, link

Those teeth straight up look like they came from one of the stupid doodles I made when I was fourteen.

Yeah, kinda like that. Christ, evolution, you’re almost as bad as me.

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   My name is Wesley James Lock I’m an artist and an aspiring biologist living on the west coast of Florida. For as long as I can remember I have loved two things, art, and animals. I started studying both from a very young age and my dream has always been to make a career out of it. Unfortunately I dropped out of school for personal and health reasons and recently had to quit my job as well. I had been working construction for the last couple years but kept getting injured and just can’t do it anymore. 

   I can still make art, and want to bring back to life my dream of making it as a wildlife illustrator. I’d love to start selling prints and doing commissions again to bring myself back into it. 

  If you like my work and are interested in buying or commissioning a piece please send me a message, or if you would be kind enough to share this I’d greatly appreciate it.

 I work in a wide range of budgets and always enjoy a challenge. Thank you for taking the time to read this, be well <3 


Oh, jeez, these are just… My brain can’t handle the awesome at play here. If I had the means, I’d buy all the prints, but I unfortunately don’t, so I’ll just do the next best thing and reblog, follow, and subscribe on Youtube instead.

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I just learned about the tenrec:

They’re kind of like hedgehog-shrew-opossum-otters. Also, one species looks like this:

Ever wonder what it would look like if a hedgehog had a baby with a shrew, and that baby grew up listening to way too much of the Dead Kennedys? Well, now you know. You’re welcome.

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I have always, always loved the variety and strangeness of life on Earth. The weird ways organisms solve the problems they face fills me with unspeakable glee. So, you can imagine my delight when I discovered that there’s a bat with suction cup feet.


Image by Vitaliy Matveev via EDGE

Yes, the Sucker-Footed Bat has literal suction cups on his thumbs and feet. So, rather than hanging upside down like most bats, these bats are able to stick cheesy-’60s-spy-film-style to the sides of smooth leaves.

Like everything in Madagascar, the Sucker-Footed Bat has to deal with deforestation. Recently, there have been some arguments about how endangered they might be. They’ve been recently moved on the IUCN Redlist from Vulnerable to Least Concern. More information is needed to figure out what’s really going on with them.

Sadly, something like that last sentence is going to show up a lot on this blog.

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It’s like a bunch of stoners who don’t know how bats work got together to make a cartoon about bats, but then it came to life. It’s wonderful.

Photo 8 May Hey, look at this thing I made when I was in high school. It was for a class assignment.

Hey, look at this thing I made when I was in high school. It was for a class assignment.

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Was I supposed to be doing lists of my favourite Pokemon? Oh, right…

Anyhow, last time I listed my top five favourite Bug types. This time we’re doing something a little… You know what? I refuse to say say “cooler,” because puns are lame. Except I already said it, didn’t I? Dammit… Whatever, point is, we’re doing my top five favourite Ice types.

Which of these… Not warm critters is the least warm? Well…

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It’s flic-flacing!

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