Text 16 May 1 note So Here’s The Plan…

When I first made this Tumblr account, I had no real plans for it, and no real idea of how I’d use it or what kind of stuff I’d be posting on it. But after about three minutes of thought about ten minutes ago, I’ve decided to turn it into a sort of personal media blog, for reviews and essays and whatnot. Sort of like a marriage of Electric Death Trip Media and Fully Ramblomatic, only with better grammar than the former and written by a slightly less awesome(ly British) person than the latter.

The first thing I’ll do is probably to tweak a few of the game reviews I did for my school newspaper and post those, then, as my summer gets rolling, I’ll post more stuff, and not just for video games (That’s why it’s a media blog and not just a video game blog). Whether I get any notoriety for this or not, well… We’ll see.

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